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To search by Taiwanese, select the romanization system you want to use. You can include tone numbers or diacritics, or search without them. If you are using tone numbers, make sure to include the numbers for unmarked tones, such as first and fourth tone in POJ and TRS.

For POJ (and DT), if the 'ⁿ' or 'o·' give you any problems, just use 'nn' or 'oo'.

To learn about the different romanizations systems, have a look at the following Wikipedia pages:
Pe̍h-ōe-jī (POJ)
Taiwanese Romanization System (TRS)
Daighi tongiong pingim (DT)

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Use a question mark (?) to stand for any one character, or an asterisk (*) to stand for any number of characters. Searches enclosed in double quotes (") will return only exact matches.

Note about the DT romanization:
Since DT represents tones as they are pronounced after tone sandhi, it is difficult to convert from POJ to DT. For this reason, about 15% of the dictionary entries, and over half of the example phrases are not included in DT searches.

About the Maryknoll dictionary:
This dictionary exists because of the amazing work of the Maryknoll Language Service Center . They have generously released their Taiwanese-English Dictionary to the public under a Creative Commons licence, allowing sites like this one to exist. You can support them by visiting their center in Taichung, Taiwan, and purchasing their Taiwanese textbooks, CDs, or by signing up for language courses with them.

(This website, however, is in no way affiliated with the Maryknoll Language Service Center. Any opinions expressed on this website are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of the Maryknoll Language Service Center, etc., etc.)

About the MOE dictionary:
Taiwan's Ministry of Education provides an exellent Taiwanese-Chinese Dictionary. You can check out the original version and the new version. Big shout out to Reddit's u/Guohuade for providing raw data and cross-referencing it with CC-CEDICT for the English entries. Check out his subreddit, r/ohtaigi as well as his YouTube channel Anyong Teaches Taiwanese for great lessons in Taiwanese for English speakers.

Suggestions and corrections:
Maryknoll's original print dictionary was very well proofread and edited. However, the xls file on which this website is based was scanned and converted to text using optical character recognition and therefore contains many errors. If you find mistakes, you can submit corrections to me at this address. Please include the the words "MkDict correction" in the subject line. Also, please copy and paste the "plaintext" entry somewhere in the message so I can know exactly which entry you are referring to. If you want, you can cross refence with the print dictionary here.